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Brazzers has two sides, one of which is only accessible to paying members. That's because there's a new design, and getting used to it, like most things in life, takes time. If you've never been a scur briber before, the learning curve will be as steep as normal.

The top bar organizes content by pornstars, sites, and categories, as well as a search box for rapid results. The way Brazzers displays scenes is one of its worst flaws. All of the thumbnails are clickable, but it's the mouse-over effects that grab your attention right away. When you click on any of the videos, five thumbnails portraying the scene will appear, giving you a much clearer idea of what's going on. You can rapidly skim through the entire video to see if it's the one you want to see right now.

Members who are logged in, on the other hand, get to see thumbnails transform into GIFs, which is even better. Although you may not be able to skip a frame or two, these are small trailers that portray videos much more effectively. Don't forget about them! In every manner, they're hilarious and fantastic.

Everything is simply laid out, however the revised search bar is now black, making it more difficult for first-time users to post. Finally, I'd prefer not to see adverts for Brazzers products and/or cam listings in the footer.

By default, guest users can watch a trailer or two, however logged in members will be taken immediately to the scene when they open a video player. There are other galleries and the same trailer to watch if one so wishes.

The streaming experience was excellent; skipping between videos took less than a second in Full HD to load. You have a several quality adjustment options, including an automated one that, like Netflix or YouTube, will choose the bitrate for you.

Brazzers has yet to deploy a 4K video format, which would undoubtedly be costly in terms of servers and bandwidth. Consumers, on the other hand, are unconcerned about this. Nonetheless, their 1080p bitrate is superior to that of competing porn networks. Even more stunning are the sceneries, which consistently have the best lighting of any studio I've seen.

Brazzers is the ultimate pornographic supercar. Unless you're into a crazy cheap car with gaped exhausts, everyone is certain to enjoy their content. Their videos will make your head spin and make you cock stiff. From brilliant porn scenarios to pornstars that put a lot of effort into their appearance and stamina, there's something for everyone. These couples fuck hard when they fuck.

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